You Knock it Down. We’ll Bring it In!

You’re in the business of either putting up new construction or tearing down old structures. Either way, you’re generating a variety of debris, among other things rebar, ductwork, metal studs, pipe, wiring and metal roofing. This debris has real value and can offset some of the costs of running your business. Give Southern Metals Recyclings a call to discuss the scrap you create and how we can set up a process to equip your sites with roll-offs for metallic debris.

When it comes to new construction, remodeling or demolition, SMR has the equipment and logistics team to safely pick up your scrap metal. Our logistics team will work directly with your onsite manager to ensure timely pick-up of your scrap while offering the most competitive pricing for those materials! Give SMR a call to set up your jobsite with the necessary equipment to convert your scrap into cash!

  • Ferrous metals
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Roll-off services 10 yard - 80 yard
  • Time-sensitive equipment deployment
  • Competitive pricing on all metals
  • Prompt payment terms tailored to your needs
  • Live load open top and flatbed
  • Time-sensitive deployment of equipment
  • Competitive market pricing
  • Prompt payment terms tailored to your needs

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