You Focus on Product. Our Focus is Byproduct.

Your customers are accustomed to seeing only the finished product— cars, aircraft, computers, cabinets and furniture. What isn’t often appreciated is the high volume of scrap your manufacturing process generates. Cuttings, plugs, machining fines, windings, and other common leftovers from the stamping and forming process. If you make it, Southern Metals Recycling will find a way to help collect it and turn it into cash.

We specialize in customized metal recycling programs to maximize the value of production scrap. By studying your plant we implement a program to minimize the handling of your scrap and maximize the efficiency of its movement throughout your plant to ours. The entire process is documented by computer generated software from the placement of containers, requests for service, weighing of the various scrap commodities and prompt payments. Whether it is drops, punches, turnings, borings or any other manufacturing scrap we have solutions that benefit your bottom line. We ensure that your scrap will be handled in an environmentally friendly and legal manner in accordance with regulatory guidelines and industry standards.

  • Dump hoppers
  • Palettes
  • Plastic bins
  • Gaylords
  • Experts in higher value scrap
  • Bushelling
  • Specialty containers designed for the difficult to handle
  • Turnings and the collection and disposal of cutting fluids
  • Prompt payment terms tailored to your needs

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